Evergreen Students Attend our Free Raw Food Class

Teaching Evergreen Students the Value of Raw FoodsThis Week I had the honor of hosting a workshop with my fellow chef (Michael bar) from Indigo Live for the students of The Evergreen State College. I was so blessed to be able to share some of my knowledge of raw foods with them. I have to thank the students because they made this class one of the most invigorating classes ever! This photo was taken after the workshop towards the end of the workshop after everyone had finished devouring the food that Michael and I had showed them how to make . Now,  the students from the Evergreen State College know how to make; Massaged kale salad, chard wraps stuffed with walnut pate and marinated veggies, green smoothies, nut mylk, doughnot holes, and pie crust.  Beyond just preparing food, we were able to discuss how to include more raw, local, and organic into our diets. We also touched on cleansing and taking care of our bodies. Everyone had beautiful open minds and I am ecstatic that so many of these people are actively taking an interest in their health. What an inspiring weekend!

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