Raw Review: Raw Daddy

Living in the Bay Area, I am in the hub of Raw Food Restaurant Heaven. Besides the six locations of pioneer raw food eatery Cafe Gratitude, there are countless raw cafes and chefs around the bay making kitchen magic happen. One of these magical raw chefs is the father of raw foods himself: Raw Daddy. Raw Daddy also known as James Hall is a master of flavor. His food  combination’s such as  “mushrooms, raw-simmered in a white truffle oil smoked sea salt marinade, drizzled with a counterpoint of zesty mustard vinaigrette.” make me feel like I’ve left earth completely and wound up in a REAL raw food heaven. There is one bizarre catch to this meal though. Raw Daddy presents his food in a way that is a little bit eccentric. He crafts every luscious meal, sweet and savory, into a cone-  like an ice cream cone for health-conscious adults.

Each cone is just $5 and there are 12 flavors to choose from. By creating these delicious treats that are easily crafted and sold, I think Raw Daddy might have one of the most marketable products in the raw food world- as long as he can get everyone to get hooked on their first bite. Last night I had the pleasure of sampling one of Raw Daddy’s cones: The Spicy Thai. This masterpiece of flavor was made with cabbage, mango, herbs, and cashews tossed in a creamy dressing and topped off with tamarind sauce. Need I really say more? Its hard to describe the shock that I experience when I bite into one of Raw Daddy’s cones and my taste buds go into some kind of nirvana-like trance. It must be done by everyone as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately Raw Daddy doesn’t have a permanent store front. You have to seek him out to find him if you are serious about wanting to try his food-and you should be. His regular haunts are the Santa Cruz Farmers Market and the Palo Alto Farmers Market. Click here to see his regular calendar. I feel blessed to have experienced the wonders of a Raw Daddy Cone and will be on the hunt for another one in the near future. Meet me there?

One thought on “Raw Review: Raw Daddy

  1. So well written darlin’! I must agree to Infinity and add FYI he is also at the Temescal Farmers Market on Sundays…that’s just on the Berkeley-Oakland border, a couple blocks up from Telegraph on Clairmont – I believe~ <3