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118 Degrees

Got Raw Food : July 11, 2012 9:11 pm : Blog Post


Here’s what you need to know before you dig in to the good grub at 118 degrees.
It’s gourmet gourmet
In the raw food movement many restaurants and chefs refer to their fancy cheesecakes, burgers, and ice creams as “raw gourmet”. Usually the typical raw gourmet items mimic the flavors of your favorite cooked dishes. 118 Degrees take the raw gourmet even further by creating gourmet raw gourmet food. Flavor combinations you’ve never heard of, that make your tongue think before it waters- that’s what you’ll find here.
It’s not for beginners
Are you trying to get your southern uncle to go raw? Don’t take him here. This place is for people with a developed pallet- it wont fly for those who are used to anything of the deep fried variety. This place is for bonafide vegetable lovers.
It’s all about the Savory
I must include this. Many times when I visit a raw food restaurant what excites me the most are the sweets at the end of the meal. This place makes the best savory raw combinations! In fact they do savory better than anything else. My best advice is when you see that expensive seasonal, savory dish that makes your mouth water on their menu- order it and don’t save room for the sweets or smoothies.
It’s Artsy
One of my favorite things about 118 degrees is the ever-shifting artscape. Artists showcase their work on the walls. The decor of the restaurant is chic and well lit- this makes you and the food look lovely. This place is great for a sexy, healthy date.
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Au Lac

Got Raw Food : June 4, 2012 10:29 pm : Blog Post

Au Lac

Some of the Got Raw Food team had a marvelous dinner yesterday at the famous Raw Vegan Restaurant Au Lac. Before you go, here are some details unique to Au Lac that you must know:
The Hours are different
They Serve Lunch from 11:33 am to 3:33 pm
and Dinner from 5:33pm to 9:33pm
They are closed Mondays, Christmas, Independence Day, and New Years Eve.
It’s a Hidden Gem

From the outside, Au Lac blends right into its surroundings- a Southern California strip mall. There are no windows, only a small sign designates the restaurant’s existence. However, to walk through the front door is akin to stepping into the magical realm of Narnia! From the elegant lighting to the serene sounds of a raw kitchen, every sense is satiated. Let us know about your first impression!
The chef and staff are amazing:
If you get a chance to meet Chef Ito be aware that communicating with him will be non-verbal. – He’s in the midst of a vow of silence. Even without words, his joyful personality and love shines through- as well as his passion for creating healthy delicious cuisine.
They Take Elixirs Seriously.
They have an awesome elixir bar, check it out. Try the drink that interests you- the staff may sometimes offer you a sample first if you order something too daring- just to make sure that you’ll be happy with it.
The Food is phenomenal!

They serve both raw and cooked food- all of it is vegan. So bring your relatives who don’t know what to do when confronted with a salad but joyfully slurp down chow mien. If you miss bread, get the raw bread (called chimmichurri) – It’s served warm and has an amazing soft texture.
Leave room for Dessert
The most famous dish served here is the plate of raw doughnut holes . They are unbelievably delicious. Served soft and warm, the middle of the doughnut contains a slightly sweet coconut sap caramel. Order these before the other desserts (as the sweet quality of the other desserts will overpower their delicate flavor).
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Inspiring Films and TV Shows.

Got Raw Food : June 28, 2011 4:54 am : Blog Post

Jamie Olivers Food Revolution

I am so inspired as I have just finished the second season of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. This show is so accessible and easy to get behind- Jamie Oliver’s goal is to create a food revolution in America. Jaime takes us into atrocious public school kitchens, fast food restaurants, and  the homes of families who have terrible diets then inspires these institutions and people to make better choices using FRESH and starting with RAW ingredients. I am so grateful that someone like Jamie has finally come along to start the ball rolling in a better direction for the health of america. If you are interested in watching his efforts from the begining here is a snippet of season 1:

Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 days.

This movie is touching. Simply Raw shows 6 diabetic people who are on medication that think that they have no hope left for their health reverse their diabetes. How do they do it? They switch from eating the standard American diet to eating a raw whole foods diet for 30 days. While watching this film I experienced shock, humor, sadness, and hope.  I highly recommend this film! View the trailer below:

The Green Beautiful

Ok, so admittedly this film has less to do with food and more to do with inspiration. The Green Beautiful is a french film about people from another planet who have learned to live completely in harmony with their natural eco-systems. They have tapped into super-conscious- advanced technologies such as inter space travel, telepathy, and the ability to make unconscious beings conscious. In this sweetly bizarre and typically french film the main character decides to come to our planet, Earth, to help speed along our social and environmental revolution. Hope you enjoy this film as much as I do:

Human Planet

Have you ever heard of Planet Earth? It is an amazing show on the BBC/Discovery channel that covers beautiful natural phenomena in each bio- region of the world. Human Planet is much like planet each except it covers a subject much closer to home: Humans. This show is amazing!! It shows many tribal people, as well as a few city people,  through out their day-surviving against all odds in some of the most hospitable environments. Below is a clip of a tribes man climbing a 130+ foot tree in the rain forest to collect a valuable raw food source: honey. Enjoy!

There are so many more wonderful films and tv shows these days that put us in touch with knowledge that we’ve never been able to see in this way before. I will post more at a later date, until then I hope you enjoy these!

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Great New Videos

Got Raw Food : June 28, 2011 3:48 am : Blog Post

I happened upon this video recently which discusses the pros and cons of consuming raw food. I am definitely a proponent of eating raw foods frequently as well as going through cleansing periods of consuming only raw foods. I do not currently promote that any one person should eat a completely raw diet over a long period of time without proper supplements or observation  (with regular blood testing and weight charting). I have met a handful of people who practice a largely or completely raw diet and from my observations some of them enjoy great health and confidence while others struggle with their health and deal with a great deal of confusion about their lives. There has been a lot of admittance in the among notable raw foodies such as David Wolfe, Heather Pace, and Phillip Mcklusky that a raw food diet may not be sustainable over a long period of time for most people(see David Wolfe video below).I wish this video had existed four years ago when I first began looking for sources that could elaborate on the research that had already been done, then again I may not have seen it the way I do now. Watch the entire series and let me know what you think! Post your comments below.

Here’s David Wolfe

and Philip Mccluskey

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