Great New Videos

I happened upon this video recently which discusses the pros and cons of consuming raw food. I am definitely a proponent of eating raw foods frequently as well as going through cleansing periods of consuming only raw foods. I do not currently promote that any one person should eat a completely raw diet over a long period of time without proper supplements or observation  (with regular blood testing and weight charting). I have met a handful of people who practice a largely or completely raw diet and from my observations some of them enjoy great health and confidence while others struggle with their health and deal with a great deal of confusion about their lives. There has been a lot of admittance in the among notable raw foodies such as David Wolfe, Heather Pace, and Phillip Mcklusky that a raw food diet may not be sustainable over a long period of time for most people(see David Wolfe video below).I wish this video had existed four years ago when I first began looking for sources that could elaborate on the research that had already been done, then again I may not have seen it the way I do now. Watch the entire series and let me know what you think! Post your comments below.

Here’s David Wolfe

and Philip Mccluskey