Raw Review: Lulu’s chocolate

What: Lulu’s Love Pack

How Much: $22 for 6 different Flavors -Coconut Cin, , Maca Green, Aztec Crunch, Maca Love, Chocolate Maca Crunch, and Raw Love.

Review: If this is your first time trying Lulu’s chocolate and you know that you are a dark/raw chocolate lover I suggest buying  the entire “Lulu’s Lovepack” . It is an amazing value for any raw chocolate let alone the magic that lays tucked inside of this seductive box. $22 for 6 bars puts each bar at just under $4, a steal for any raw chocolate bar. If you arent so interested in making a $22 investment in the Lovepack, Read below, pick out your favorite description, and give it a try.

Lulu’s chocolate is hard to describe- to say it is my favorite is not quite true, its quite impossible to have a favorite raw chocolate. Raw chocolate is like a fine wine, each bar has a character of its own. Lulus chocolate is one of many of my favorites but if I have to put it into any category I would say that Lulu Makes the Sexiest Chocolate.

Now lets get to the chocolate- The Coconut Cin Bar has a layer of crunchy/chewy raw coconut crisps that lay atop of a mystical cinnamon dark-chocolate bar. This is a nice piece of chocolate; its a little sweet, a little spicy, and the coconut adds in a bit of something different to keep your teeth busy. Putting a piece of the Maca Green Bar in your mouth is like you’ve suddenly discovered passion for the first time- in the amazonian Rain forest. Erotic and Exotic. You can taste the flavor of the fertility in the forest. The Aztec crunch Bar, if I must be old fashioned, is much more masculine-When it says crunch it means crunch, there’s a layer of gorgeous purple and brown cacao nibs. They are Rough, dark, and delicious. If the Aztec crunch bar is the Masculine warrior, the Maca Love Bar is the Goddess of them all. This chocolate bar has a golden off-white color to it- from all the Maca. Be sure to eat small nibbles of this one or you will wonder what happened the next morning when you miss your alarm because you stayed up all night making love! To be fair I ate the whole thing,  doh! Yes, it was amazing- and I am talking about the chocolate. Chocolate Maca Chunk is the perfect fusion of masculine and feminine in one bar. You have the smooth silky taste of the Maca, with the rough bite of a layer of cacao nibs, yum! If you are a lover of straight dark chocolate and fine vanilla then The Raw Love Bar is for you, personally I like the exciting, exotic flavors but I’ll take Raw Love over no love any day.

Now that I’m done with this portion I have to wonder was this really a review or a dark confession? Its clear I love Lulu’s magical creations.

After that last review is anyone else reminded of the Lasse Holstrom’s film Chocolat? (If you haven’t seen it, try to rent it asap)






To me, Lulu (pictured to the right) is the real life version of the main character in the film. I swear she must be doing some kind of ancient magic to bring the passion back to our busy modern lives.

What: Luscious Body Butter

How Much: $12 for 4 oz

Review: Just when I thought Lulu’s products couldn’t get any more amazing, I bought her Luscious Body Butter as a gift for my partner. Ok… maybe for me as well! If you like the smell and taste of cacao plus its silky buttery smooth quality then you might just love this product as well. It is fun, edible, and don’t be fooled by the size of the jar- a little bit goes a long way. Even though its fun to use in the bedroom, I often rub it on my wrists and neck before I leave the house, something about the smell of the cacao- I find it strangely soothing, maybe I should lay off the cacao for a while….

I hope you enjoyed this review, please visit www.luluschocolate.com to get your hands on some of the treats I mentioned! Feel free to comment below. Blessings!