118 Degrees


Here’s what you need to know before you dig in to the good grub at 118 degrees.
It’s gourmet gourmet
In the raw food movement many restaurants and chefs refer to their fancy cheesecakes, burgers, and ice creams as “raw gourmet”. Usually the typical raw gourmet items mimic the flavors of your favorite cooked dishes. 118 Degrees take the raw gourmet even further by creating gourmet raw gourmet food. Flavor combinations you’ve never heard of, that make your tongue think before it waters- that’s what you’ll find here.
It’s not for beginners
Are you trying to get your southern uncle to go raw? Don’t take him here. This place is for people with a developed pallet- it wont fly for those who are used to anything of the deep fried variety. This place is for bonafide vegetable lovers.
It’s all about the Savory
I must include this. Many times when I visit a raw food restaurant what excites me the most are the sweets at the end of the meal. This place makes the best savory raw combinations! In fact they do savory better than anything else. My best advice is when you see that expensive seasonal, savory dish that makes your mouth water on their menu- order it and don’t save room for the sweets or smoothies.
It’s Artsy
One of my favorite things about 118 degrees is the ever-shifting artscape. Artists showcase their work on the walls. The decor of the restaurant is chic and well lit- this makes you and the food look lovely. This place is great for a sexy, healthy date.
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